Where can we find you?

Keep an eye on our events page or facebook to see our up coming locations.

What can I marble?

Our most popular items are scarfs but we also have other options for you to choose from if you fancy something different. These include bags, ties, belts and more.

What size are your scarfs?

Our scarfs currently come in one size 14" x 72", Different size options coming soon.

What are your scarfs made from?

All scarfs are 100% silk.

What do I do with my wet scarf when I get home?

Follow the instruction label on the plastic bag. If for some reason you do not have this label, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

How do I care for my marbled item?
  • We recommend hand washing only when needed, excessive washing can remove the paint. 

  • Hand wash in cold water, add a very small amount of woolite or baby shampoo for extra softness if desired. 

  • Line dry

  • Iron on a cool setting or use a cool steam when needed.

  • do not dry clean.

Can I travel with a wet scarf ?

Yes, if travelling gently wrap your scarf in tissue and place back in the zip lock bag. Blow air into the bag before sealing to create a cushion around the silk , pack in your suitcase. When you reach your destination , hang up your item. This should remove most of the wrinkles.

How long will my marbling session take?

Depending on what pattern\design you are going for, the time will vary but the entire process is usually completed in around 10 minutes.

Who can do this?

We have done all the hard work so all you have to do is come and have fun. which is what makes marbling so amazing, It is a completely user-friendly art form. and anybody can do this and produce truly beautiful pieces. It's so easy!!!!

Can I request a custom made item?

Of course. Just contact us through our website or our Facebook. We offer a selection of colours and designs for you to choose from.

Do you do private events?

Yes we will soon be taking bookings for our private events. Information coming soon. If you are interested in hosting a private event and wish to be notified about the details and availability, send us notification along with your email address..


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